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Level Playing Field Club Championship 2016
What you need to know…
There are 25 races of varying distance split over 5 categories. To be in with a chance you need to run at least 10 of these races in 2016 including at least one from each category. The level playing field championship aims to give everyone a chance of winning by giving each member a ‘time to beat’ based on their past results. All of these times are on the results and stats file under the heading on the right. Depending on how much you beat your time by will determine your score.

Merthyr Mawr 5K
Caerphilly 10K
Lliswerry 8 mile
Cardiff Half Marathon (October)
Tonmawr Hilly 5


Cosmeston Relays
Cardiff 10K
Brecon 10 mile
Llanelli Half Marathon (March)
Vale 18.5 OR any Ultra (best time to count)


Prince of Wales Kenfig 4 mile
Unilite Night Trail 10K
Richard Burton 10K
St Davids Day 10K (Cardiff)
Cardiff World Half Marathon (March)


Hilly 4
Porthcawl Boxing Day 7K
Swansea 10K
Swansea Half Marathon
Any Marathon (best time to count)


Kenfig 5K
Ponty Loop 10K
Merthyr Mawr Pudding Run 10K
Pembrey Multi Terrain 10 mile
Margam Trail Half Marathon
Club Championship races by date order
1 January: Prince of Wales Kenfig 4 mile (11am)
31 January: Lliswerry 8 mile (11.30am) http://lliswerryrunners.com/lliswerry8
21 February: Margam Trail Half Marathon http://www.keepactiveswansea.co.uk/hoka-one.html
28 February: St Davids Day 10K (Cardiff) http://www.stdavidsdayrun.com/10k/
13 March: Llanelli Half Marathon http://llanellihalfmarathon.org/
26 March: Cardiff World Half Marathon Championships http://www.cardiff2016.co.uk/
2 April: Vale 18.5 mile / Ultra http://www.runwalkcrawl.co.uk/events/vale-coastal-ultra.html
2 May: Cardiff Bay 5 mile http://www.cardiffbay5mile.org/
25 May: Merthyr Mawr Lane 5K https://bridgendac.wordpress.com/
4 June: Beast of Bryn 6.8 mile or 15 mile http://www.bwystfilybryn.btck.co.uk/
19 June: Caerphilly 10K http://your.caerphilly.gov.uk/10k/
26 June: Swansea Half Marathon https://race-nation.com/swanseahalf
13 July: Cosmeston Relays
17 July: Pontypridd Loop 10K http://www.pontypriddroadentsac.org.uk/
20 July: Kenfig 5K

7 August:  Brecon 10 mile http://www.brecon10.com/
30 August: Parc Slip 4 mile

11 September: Cardiff 10K https://cardiff10k.com/
18 September: Swansea 10K http://www.swanseabay10k.com/
2 October: Cardiff Half Marathon http://www.cardiffhalfmarathon.co.uk/
6 November: Richard Burton 10K http://richardburton-r-r.btck.co.uk/
20 November: Pembrey MT10 http://www.sospanroadrunners.co.uk/
11 December: Merthyr Mawr Pudding Run 10K http://www.bracklaharriers.co.uk/merthyr-mawr-pudding-race/
26 December: Porthcawl Boxing Day 7K http://porthcawllions.org.uk/
Rules and further details
Each member will have times allocated for each club championship race as a ‘time to beat’. This ‘time to beat’ is based on their best 5K time from 2015 with a percentage added (depending on terrain / distance). The Runners World Race Predictor calculator used to convert these times to different distances. Where a runner does not have a 5K time or the 5K time is out of synch with other race times (for example if someone only ran one parkrun at a slower pace) then either their best 5K time from a previous year will be used, or a calculation will be done based on their 10K or other distance. All of the ‘times to beat’ are shown on the excel file on this page.
Scoring is based on the percentage by which you beat your allocated time. For example if your time to beat for Lliswerry 8 is 60:00 and you run it in 58:00 then you would score 3.33%. All results will go to 2 decimal places to make it unlikely that anyone will end up on the same score and avoid advantages / disadvantages through rounding.
Where a distance such as a road 10K or Half Marathon can be run more than once, the ‘time to beat’ on the second occasion will be the time run in the first race at that distance. For example. Joe Bloggs has a ‘time to beat’ of 50:00 for a road 10K and runs the St Davids Day 10K in 47:00. That would be a 6.00% improvement which would be his score for that race. If he then decided to run Caerphilly 10K, his ‘time to beat’ would then be 47:00. This stops members from potentially getting several good scores from one distance and encourages them to run a variety of distances.
There is an option for ‘any marathon’. Please note that should a member run more than one marathon, only the best scoring time will count so that member would still need to run 9 other club championship events. This is the same for ‘any ultra’. Again, this is to discourage members from scoring most of the points by running several marathons and not a variety of distances.
Unfortunately, it will be difficult to add new members to club championship part way through the year, especially if they have no previous times on which to based ‘times to beat’,  therefore only members as at 1 January 2016 will be eligible.
The points / percentage tables and ‘times to beat’ will be updated asap after each club championship event.
Times to beat
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